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    Who we are

    Headquartered in Kolkata, India, BrandMantra Solutions constitutes of strategists, consultants, designers, developers, creators and technologists who share the same passion to generate ideas and translate them into engaging, intuitive and interactive user experience.

    With an overall experience of 12 years in management, creation and development of digital properties and online marketing activities, our solutions are process based. With a customized solution that meets business objectives, our solid understanding on the basic principles of marketing enables us to give you a competitive edge.

    Attributes like talent, flexibility, skills, technological infrastructure, business sense, and imagination has enabled us to work with worldwide clients. To create the best design with interactive user experience, we combine our capabilities with research, analysis, design, technology and marketing.

    We believe in the following:

    • Solutions that ascertain growth: This is more than just a slogan. We promise to embody our commitment in developing solutions with results.
    • Your Digital Collaborator: We work with you. Understanding your business aspects, we strive to produce interactive campaigns. We offer a full spectrum of digital services with end-to-end solutions that achieve your objectives.
    • Being Meticulous: We pay attention to your requirements and needs and yet never lose sight of the big picture.
    • Delivering outstanding results: Irrespective of the deliverable, we diligently strive to improve the brand’s demand, build trust, generate revenue and create brand loyalty for your customers.

    A close-knit band of talented media junkies, we stay ahead in this dynamic world of marketing, technology and advertising. Taking pride in our creations, we begin with a collaborative and strategic client communication and to result in ideas and strategies that are implemented accordingly. Handling big projects efficiently and small projects with much gusto, we are faster in our delivery systems. We believe in keeping with the latest trends, and sometimes start new ones, as this could be the reason for our success and yours too.

    Creating process driven solutions, we leverage the right channels at the right time and in the right way. Get in touch with us, to know what we can do for you.

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