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    Android Social Network Apps Development & Integration

    To be able to increase business value and deliver according to customer’s expectations, it is important to equip businesses with applications that are responsive, manageable and user-friendly. Using the appropriate platforms, tools and technologies, we help build Android applications at a reasonable cost and with superior quality.

    With Android rapidly gaining in the market, it has become important to plan a global delivery model that is customer-centric and feasible. Employing us to develop your Android application helps in improving your production standards, output and efficiency. As the market dynamically grows and global businesses develop, it has become important to implement solutions that would help promote the services and thereby improve the revenue generation process.

    Social Networking Platforms for Android

    With the growth in demand for social networking integration, our application developers are consolidating expertise, technology and infrastructure to help promote businesses in these platforms. Focusing on a customer-centric approach, the application collaborates with all the important attributes of these social media platforms. The major platforms are as follows:

    • Facebook
    • Pinterest
    • Twitter
    • Google Plus
    • YouTube
    • StumbleUpon
    • LinkedIn
    • Mashable

    Android Social Networking Application Development

    Following the industrial best practices, our Android application development team delivers client-side or web application according to the requirement of the business. We evaluate the requirements of the business and thereby engineer solutions that help in going global, and therefore reduce its maintenance and support costs. The innovative and interactive Android application would be aesthetically designed to appeal end-users. We design applications with the following attributes:

    • Live Chat and Messaging
    • Alert Notifications
    • Photo sharing, downloading and uploading
    • Profile views, comments and shares
    • Social sharing

    Building custom Android applications that the business needs, we also provide full rollout support. Deploying after comprehensive Black Box and White Box testing, our integrated application would allure users and thereby improve lead to sales conversation.

    Ready to Implement?

    If you are ready to implement applications that are tailored to your business needs, just contact us at sales@brandmantra.net. Benefit from the social media revolution as we develop applications that provide long-lasting value.

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