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    CakePHP, launched in 2005, is an open source platform that follows the Model-View-Controller protocol. Since, today’s market is dynamic in nature, it is imperative to develop usable and scalable web applications that would leverage the business towards profitable returns. With the constant competition, it has become important for the enterprise to develop powerful solutions that provides them a competitive edge. Based on the Object Oriented Programming principles, the developers can concentrate on core development, eliminate redundant coding and segregate presentation from business logic.

    Employing the features of this structured framework, BrandMantra develops dynamic websites that come without the loss in agility. Since it is an open source framework, we ensure to deliver solutions that are robust, feasible, and secured with CSRF protection. With the framework, users can manage content and thereby it is more suitable for the small and medium sized enterprises.

    Reasons to choose CakePHP

    CakePHP helps in developing swift web applications. The application development is not only fast but comes with features that facilitates in imparting individualistic designs and structure. One of the most popular content management systems, it comes with a full console environment. These are some of features of the platform:

    • http Authentication via Security component
    • Complacent with both PHP4 and PHP5 and MVC infrastructure
    • Reduction of code redundancy
    • User management features
    • Flexible validation features
    • Can be used for ecommerce websites

    To hire the CakePHP developers from our talented pool of experts at hourly/daily/monthly or project based, contact us to get an instant quote on your project requirements.

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