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    Cross Platform Mobile App Development

    As the demand to deploy and develop cross platform mobile application grows, it has become important to provide deliverables that would empower and engage the users. Designing, building, deploying and managing of dynamic mobile applications, BrandMantra offers cross platform mobile application development that facilitates in reaching wider target audience.

    With an efficient development ecosystem, integration framework of mobile middleware, tools and technological platforms, our cross platform solutions addresses the unique requirements of business. Each application is developed to manage back-end environments.

    More applications with less code

    Development of cross platform application requires effort on the part of the developer. With the unprecedented growth in the use of Smartphones, apps developers are often inundated with questions regarding a conduit that would facilitate interoperability. Implementing a single code that would provide the desired interoperability, BrandMantra provides cross-platform application development that offers the best of both worlds.

    Providing a consistent user experience, BrandMantra executes applications operable on multiple devices that encourage future interactions. The developers utilize the available mobile frameworks to develop cross platform apps that would transform the way the business operates. With the Smartphone usage foraying into companies, it has become important to extend interoperable mobile apps for both business-to-business and business to consumer. Helping to differentiate your organization, the application developed focuses on core competencies of the business.

    Benefits of Cross Platform Apps Development

    Driving continuous business sales, the cross platform applications also has the following benefits:

    • Decrease of investment costs
    • Faster deployment time
    • Improved accessibility to plug-ins
    • Diversified application
    • Incorporation with native features

    Why choose BrandMantra?

    It is important to understand that mobile ecosystems are complex in nature. Being dynamic and in constant evolving mode, it is important that accurate skills and proficiency be applied. Other than providing extensive and usable tools for the management, troubleshooting and monitoring of the applications, we also provide 24X7-enterprise grade support. With cross platform development capability, the applications are tested, certified and then deployed.

    Depending on the application complexity, device support, usability, and application availability, we extend our services to those who need it. For those who are interested in developing cross platform application, contact sales@brandmantra.net.

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