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    HTML 5 Design

    Designing websites with HTML5 markup language is a norm. The latest version of HTML and XHTML, the HTML5 web design is beneficial for its improved semantics, clean coding and accessibility. Other than this, the markup language enables development of audio and video playbacks without any installation of external plug-ins.


    Depending on the structural requirement of the website, using HTML5 would improve the business value by making it future-proof. The team of developers uses CSS and JavaScript to deliver websites that are appealing and interactive.


    With features like offline storage and geo-location, using HTML5 provides rich media support. The consistent experience with the rich media tags ensures to enhance the experience of the customers.


    HTML5 improves the form control of HTML4 and comes with added features like input controls. For example, the new markup version enables sliders and date pickers. The new HTML5 comes with new things and the developers can deliver an improved structure of the web page. With BrandMantra, the client can take advantage of these new features.

    Basic functionality of HTML5

    The following are some of the basic functionalities offered in HTML5:

    • Easy to build websites
    • No need of specialized coding
    • Easy debugging process
    • The “Canvas” enables drawing of animations and videos
    • Makes web application cross browser compatible
    • HTML5 applications like Adobe Edge helps in developing interactive applications
    • Supports clear drag and drop, making web development easy
    • Built-in feature that enables audio and video play.

    With the Geolocation tagging, the web application can be made to find the end-user’s position, and point of interest in the area. It creates navigational structure, social media tags and even displays the points of interest to the user.
    The HTML5 has immense potential to work on platforms like Android, and iOS. The users can also play interactive games directly on the browser without any installation blockage.

    Advantages of Hiring Our HTML5 Application Developers

    HTML5 supports more than 80 percent of the online market. However, it is important to understand that HTML5 cannot fulfill all project requirements. We understand the limitations of the platform and therefore present solutions that eliminate hurdles and provide new features and benefits. Hiring from our talented pool of application developers would help attain visually appeasing websites that are dynamic and scalable in nature. Our flexible dedicated hiring services enable the customer to hire on a monthly, weekly or hourly basis. HTML5 enables the customer to build websites that are compatible in desktop and in mobile devices.

    Our client support system is integrated to provide regular updates on the project development. With round the clock open communication channels, the user can interact directly with HTML5 team to find the apt solution at a feasible price. To know more, contact sales@brandmantra.net.

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