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    iOS Development

    BrandMantra enables harnessing the potential of mobility and thereby augments connectivity with employees, collaborators and customers anytime and from anywhere. We understand that mobile solutions provide real time experience by integrating the features and components of Smartphones and tablets. It is imperative to deliver solutions that can be integrated within the enterprise infrastructure and which address the operational and IT challenges.

    Years of expertise across the global market has endowed us with capabilities to implement a rich knowledge base and offer differentiated and robust iOS solutions. With millions of Apple products sold over the last decade, it has become important to coalesce with Apple’s operating system to develop solutions that would help in establishing the business’ identity in the market.

    With a dedicated user-experience design team, we strive to provide innovative iOS solutions that would offer rich experience and yet leverage the client’s capabilities. Developing thousands of applications for the iPhones, iPod Touch and iPad, our solutions drive business results, support innovation and keeps cost under control. Working with iOS6, we are successful in delivering solutions that reduce capital spend and thereby increase the business value.

    Our services

    • iPhone App Development
    • iPhone Web Development
    • iPad App Development
    • iPad Web Development

    iOS 6 Features

    One of the most effective operating systems, the new iOS6 platform is loaded with new capabilities and attributes. The following are some of the iOS6 features that are integrated to develop effective applications.

    • iCloud
    • iMessage
    • Event Kit
    • Passbook
    • New Photo sharing stream
    • Maps
    • Siri
    • Facebook and Twitter

    Using the advanced iOS6 SDK (Software Development Kit) BrandMantra develops a strategic application solution roadmap along with its implementation process. Our process leverages the powerful iOS features. Amalgamating our talented pool with the existing iOS features, we develop prominent apps that improve business value.

    Hire Professional iOS Developers

    With professionally trained experts as iOS developers, we deploy user-friendly applications. These are the following benefits of hiring from our team.

    • Experienced, skilled and cost effective iOS developers
    • Multiple hiring options according to the scope and size of application
    • Faster deployment of project, guaranteeing timely delivery
    • Abiding to stringent confidentiality and security protocols
    • Manifold communication channels
    • Ability to assign tasks directly
    • Daily, weekly and monthly reports on project milestones
    • Guidance and support documentations
    • Assistance in app submission

    Ready to foray into iOS development?

    Our customer-centric delivery models enable seamless execution of varied business processes. Hire our trained and experienced iOS developers who would address all the iOS development needs. Depending on the requirement, they can be appointed on a daily, hourly or monthly basis. The iOS developer focuses on driving a cost advantage solution irrespective of the size of the project. The easiest way to get in touch is through email (sales@brandmantra.net) or Call Us: +1-206-792-3749.

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