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    Local SEO Service

    Local SEO services can be defined as an online marketing strategy that would help in placing the website in coveted SERP. With everyone wanting to improve their page visibility in the search results, this remains an effective way to earn quality links.

    Please find the roadmap of our Local SEO services:

    Checking and targeting keywords

    The first step that we employ is to target keywords that would trigger the algorithm of the search engine. Services based websites are easier to rank especially if it simply relies on the relevant link building.

    Understanding the geographical location of the business

    It is important to determine where the business is physically located. It is important to understand that businesses located within the immediate boundary of the city, would be preferred than those laid outside or nearby. The reason behind the biased treatment is the search engines prefer the companies that are located within the area.

    Evaluating the competitiveness of the market

    The next step is determining the competitiveness of the customer’s business. The process would ultimately rank the page in the first seven results. To ensure this, quality back links, resources, testimonials and other addendums are taken into account. This determines the amount of time involved to rank the webpage.

    Listed in relevant directories

    Once the website has been evaluated, we proceed with the next step. We list the website in major local directories. The website is listed in each relevant niche and local directories. This would include BBB, local Chamber of Commerce, Google Places, Yahoo Places, Yelp and other business directories. The factor kept in mind when submitting is relevancy to the business.

    Citations have correct information

    Implementing correct information in the directories is imperative to drive in accurate results. Wrong information would be inaccurate and result in losing out website optimization value. All information included in the citations and listing is identical.

    By incorporating the images as part of the overall content body, we provide local SEO services that would help in improving your SERP. To get a detailed quote on our services, contact sales@brandmantra.net.

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