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    Mobile Friendly Website Design

    The widespread adoption of Smartphone has given birth to the need of mobile friendly websites. BrandMantra provides professional mobile website design services that ensure enhanced user experience. Addressing the different attributes inclusive of costs, memory and CPU limitations, screen resolutions and operating systems, we develop mobile websites that increases productivity and efficiency.

    Different users access different types of mobiles. Providing a customized mobile friendly web design helps in addressing the requirements of the user. A mobile experience has its own set of design considerations, and therefore adhering to the best practices ensures to provide best service to the end-user.

    Employing advanced web technologies like HTML5, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript APIs, we help you foray into the mobile market. Optimizing the mobile browsing experience, we integrate solutions that adhere to the best practices of a user interface design and other usability attributes. Proficient in working in a global market, we are adept in providing solutions that are globalized, scalable, interoperable and robust. Experts at iPhone website design and Android, we work with you to develop a strategic mobile marketing solution.

    Benefits of Mobilizing the Website:

    • Deployment of customized and branded mobile version of the website
    • Enhanced engagement with target demographics
    • Instant solution for those who are in the move
    • Cost effective as single domain that serves both mobile and web traffic
    • Successful mobile implementation boosts productivity

    We optimize your website for all browsers and operating systems. We integrate advanced solutions that maximize the end-user experience and help in generating the desired results. For more details on our mobile website design, contact us at sales@brandmantra.net.

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