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    PHP Zend Framework Web Development

    An object oriented web application development framework, the Zend framework is considered the suitable web development platform for its ability to build scalable and secured applications. Based on great concepts like decoupling, and ability to customize, the Zend platform enables developing websites with distinctive features.

    Zend platform accelerates the web development process that would further decrease the time to market. Integrating the requirements of the customer, the website build is able to address complex functionalities and convert them to successful ventures. Focusing on the customer-centric development process, our web application solution would provide a competitive edge. The Zend PHP platform comes with variable components like abstraction, inheritance and incorporates the methods form the Standard PHP Library. With no Model implementation of its own, the Zend Platform complements the website by amplifying functionalities and attributes.

    Features of Zend Framework

    The salient features of Zend framework renders the platform to perform seamlessly. Facilitating in the development of all applications, here are some of the features that is present in the Zend Platform:

    • Decoupled libraries with minimal interdependencies
    • Fully objected PHP5 components
    • No Model implementation from MVC
    • Extensive in built library perfect for hybrid web development
    • Back-end support for memory and file systems
    • Database support
    • Easy integration of other libraries
    • Extensive range of attributes/components
    • Extensive validation component

    Zend Development Services at BrandMantra

    Delivering successful projects on this framework, our developers utilize it for its customization abilities. Understanding the scope of the platform, our developers engineer solutions that would leverage the web application towards its core purpose. If you are looking for any custom application development, we provide the services at feasible rates. To know more about our services, contact sales@brandmantra.net.

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